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  • Title: Salon de coiffure
  • Release year: 1908
  • Director: Georges Méliès
  • Actors: Georges Méliès
  • Movie length: 3 min.
  • Movie genres: Short

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This flick provides good and well made adventure, but, it is hardly fresh. I give this Salon de coiffure movie my maximal rating. It is a must-watch for everyone with just a remote interest in the movie. The movie ends more gallantly than it started, with a final fifteen min that will frighten and horrify you in equal measure. Salon de coiffure film belongs to Short genre and was released in 1908. 8) Amazing character of Salon de coiffure gonna make you feel good while watching the film. You may want to watch it with mates online. Such good actors as Georges Méliès made the film really exclusive. So, Salon de coiffure film is really one of the greatest film in Short genre in 1908. Movie running time is 3 min. We hope that you will like this movie. 8) Like Salon de coiffure movie and share with friends.

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One of the flat films in the Universe, Salon de coiffure is before you right now! This film is from year 1908 and it would not bring delight to you at all. Duration of the uninteresting film is 3 m with not impressive acting of not bad actors like Georges Méliès. The director is not good too, some parts are very long and some are very short. In our opinion that this is one of the worst films of Short genre in the whole Universe!

Superior actors giving powerful performances but the storyline is not really interesting and rather predictable.

The movie has made movie fans acknowledge conditions that I haven't about a movie in a very long period of time. If you are just like me you will for sure understand a sense of the Short movie because of the reasonable sprinkling of easy humour that makes the situation feel less genuine than it really is.

I think that you will enjoy this flick. It is just my conclusion.